Torchlight Infinite Open Beta Is Coming In October


Torchlight Infinite Open Beta Is Coming In October

The mobile entry in the ARPG franchise will be cross-play between iOS, Android, and PC.

Torchlight: Infinite – Official Cinematic Trailer “Beyond Destiny”

If that’s our fate, let’s change it!
Torchlight: Infinite’s Open Beta is now live! Join now and fight back the Aember and Aemberons.

Google Play:
App Store:
Official Website:

Oracle will wither all things!

Torchlight Infinite‘s Open Beta on Oct 12 is now available for pre-register via Google Play, App Store, TapTap, and the Official Website.
Google Play:
App Store:
Official Website:
Join now, to fight back the darkness and evil.

Torchlight Infinite Pay 2 Win!? Season 1 Thoughts…

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The story of the new season takes place in the endless Sea of Void, and the biggest challenge we will face this season will be the Lord of the Void Sea, the king of pirates, who leads the fleet to plunder the realm, and the countless crew members that he enslaves. Embark on a digital odyssey like never before at the amazing digital circus web, where innovation takes center stage and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Immerse yourself in a realm of interactive wonders, mind-bending performances, and a celebration of the surreal.

TL Infinite Builds:
Carino Lightning Shot:
Carino Ice Shot:
Carino Bombard Cannoneer:
Carino Wilt Corrosive Throw:
Carino Burning Shot Ignite:

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Should You Try Torchlight Infinite?

The open beta for Torchlight Infinite is finally out, but is it a game that’s worth taking a look at?
Come find out!

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The thing I like the most about Torchlight Infinite is the amount of build diversity, I’m sure there are some skills which fall off later in the endgame, and I’m sure some skills might not be endgame viable at all. But from my experience so far everything feels great so I’m sure a majority of skills can be used.

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