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Alisia Dragoon Cheats For Genesis

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Mega Drive Longplay [196] Alisia Dragoon

Played by Tsunao

Some game by Game Arts and Gainax.

Something about a girl and some sealed off monster…or something. I skipped the intro and scenes. =P

Platformer (and a kinda difficult one) where you blast enemies with lightning, but it can’t be spammed. Spamming it will make it “run out”. You also get four magical critters.

This longplay goes through the game on Normal difficulty. I try to find as many secwets as possible. All critters are used. Stages 1-6 are played with skills. 7 and 8…not so much. My personal best was Stage 6 Boss. Too much stuff happens in that stage, and it is probably the most difficult stage in the game. -_- Stage 7 was pretty tame. –
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Alisia Dragoon Longplay (Mega Drive/Genesis) [50 FPS]

Developed by Game Arts and Gainax and published by Sega in 1992.

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Foreword: I highly recommend selecting the 50 FPS stream option for this game else the lightning effects won’t display properly.

The evil demon, Baldour, is close to awakening from his long slumber with the aide of his servant, Ornah. Despite wreaking havoc, Baldour was imprisoned by Alisia’s father, himself a powerful mage. Enraged by his actions, Baldour’s servants captured and tortured Alisia’s father, eventually leading to his death.

Tasked by her people to prevent Baldour’s escape and seeking revenge for the death of her father, Alisia sets out to destroy Baldour once and for all.

Alisia Dragoon is a platform/action game developed by Gainax with art direction and assistance by Game Arts. Although the game’s cover depicts a voluptuous female wearing nought but a few pieces of strategically placed armour, Alisia Dragoon bucked the trend by putting players in control of a female lead possessed of awesome magical powers.

The game is set across eight levels, each comprised of a number of sub-levels. The levels take in the usual fantasy settings, from mystical temples to murky swamps and even a futuristic space ship replete with robotic soldiers and futuristic weaponry. The length of the levels varies considerably, but there’s enough content here to make sure that you won’t complete the game in a single sitting. In fact, the positioning of enemies and spawn mechanics are designed to deliberately catch player unawares. You will need to play this many times before you can hope to master the game and eventually complete it.

For those who do finish the game and fancy an even tougher challenge, the game has a tougher difficulty mode. Enemies do more damage, are tougher to kill and several bonus items that are present in normal difficulty will be absent. Personally, I felt that the game was difficult enough on normal, but feel free to punish yourself by choosing Hard from the game’s options menu before commencing play.

Controlling Alisia is quite straightforward, with separate buttons uses for attacking and jumping. For a game this tough, it’s a good thing that the controls are as responsive as they are. The button layout can be reconfigured in the game’s options menu, which is a handy feature if you don’t like the original layout.

Pressing the B button will unleash Alisia’s lightning attack, which will automatically lock on to enemies currently on the screen. However, a more devastating 360-degree attack can be unleashed by not attacking until the power-bar is fully charged.

Although Alisia is proficient in the art of magic, she is also accompanied by four different magic pets, each of which has it’s own special abilities. Only one pet can be in use at a time, but it’s possible to swap between them at any point; the game never puts any restrictions on which pet you’re allowed to use, which is a nice touch.

Each pet has it’s own individual health and attack power, both of which can be levelled up by collecting power-ups hidden within floating star containers. Each power-up will affect only the pet you’re currently using, so be sure to change pets once one is maxed out.

Hidden throughout each of the game’s levels are power-ups that will improve the attack power of Alisia’s spells and increase her total health. As well as improving her own skills, the health and power of each pet can be upgraded also. With enemies becoming increasingly difficult as the game progresses, it’s important to scour each level for secret areas that might contain power-ups.

The game’s graphics might not be class-leading, but this is not an ugly game by any means. The background art of each stage is of a high standard and there are some nice parallax scrolling effects in certain levels.

The audio, particularly the music, is excellent and is probably my favourite part of the game. The sound effects are top notch, with Alisa’s spells sounding suitably zappy and enemies exploding with suitably loud booms.

Like Chess, Alisia Dragoon is a game that’s easy to pick up, but extremely difficult to master. And perhaps that’s the game’s biggest problem. It delights in teleporting enemies into existence right in front of, and, at times, directly on top of the player. You’re destined to blunder into these enemies time and time again until you either master the game completely or turn it off in frustration. I fear that many players will choose the latter, which means that much of the game will remain undiscovered.

The game often treads a fine line between challenging and frustration, which means that Alisia Dragoon is a title likely to divide opinion. Those who don’t cast this aside in frustration after the first few deaths will discover an innovative and enjoyable, if somewhat overlooked platform game from the 16-bit era. Altered beast game boy advance online is the Sega classic that you know and love, now available online! Play as a powerful beast and take on hordes of enemies in this action-packed adventure. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, you'll be hooked from the start. Join the fun now and experience the thrill of this legendary game.

Alisia Dragoon (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive) – Full game walkthrough HD

Complete gameplay of Alisia Dragoon (Game Arts 1992).

Alisia Dragoon Longplay (Sega Genesis) [QHD]

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Developed by Game Arts and Gainax and published by Sega in 1992

I longplayed Alisia Dragoon way back in 2015, but I made the error of recording the PAL version. It’s generally recognised that US versions of most games are preferable to their European counterparts thanks to the uptick in speed and fluidity, so I decided to record a new QHD longplay on hard difficulty using the 60 Hz NTSC version.

The observations I made on this platformer-cum-RPG-lite haven’t changed much since I first played it. It’s got some cool features and excellent music, but the difficulty is likely to put a lot of players off, particularly on hard mode where pets take a lot more damage from enemies and are generally less use.